The Making of Burlington Station

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Burlington Station in Two Harbors Minnesota has had its fair share of renovating. Originally a Super-One Grocery Store then call center, our building has transformed into so much more offering a space where the whole family can come and enjoy. Take a look at this collection of pictures below of how our space has been transformed into what it is today.

Originally a tech center / Burlington Station started by bringing the space to bare bones and recreated it based on the renderings you see.

Burlington added a pinch of color to the outside with this beautiful mural depicting a train station running with the Burlington Station name. Burlington Station is actually named after a local landmark called Burlington bay.

Once the outside got painted and remodeled it was time for the interior. The interior of the building was entirely stripped so our team could turn it into what it is today. We spent weeks filling up countless industrial garbages to get it to the picture below.

Once the walls were up we were ready to start working on the murals. We hired a local muralist named Brian Olson, who did all the murals in the building!

Being on the North Shore, we wanted to add some fun murals of the area on the inside of must-stop places on the shore like the majestic Split Rock Lighthouse.

Inside Burlington Station is our candy store Callie’s Sweets. Callie’s Sweets is coming along and has two fun viewing areas for all to see.

Once the walls were finished and painted, next came the flooring

After The floors were added and ready to go, then it was time to work on the final touches to get it ready for the grand opening

Want to see in person? Burlington Station is now OPEN every day of the week from 10 am - 8 pm! We would love to see you!

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