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Our Story

From the very beginning, Burlington Station has been about being a place that people can make special memories. Whether you visit to check out the model trains or simply want a delicious treat from Callie's Sweets, our goal is to make Burlington Station a must-stop destination along your North Shore Trip.  

One of the best things about Burlington Station is that there is something for every family member to enjoy! Though it will start small, we have a big vision of 5,000 ft of Train Track loops that will go throughout the indoor and outside of Burlington Station. Since we will be procedurally adding to our train loops, you may experience something new each time you visit Burlington Station.

Inside Burlington Station will be Callie's Sweets candy kitchen.  Here you will be able to order tasty Gourmet Popcorn, Fudge, Caramel, and Caramel Apples.  While you wait for your treats you will be able to watch all of our treats being made right in front of you.  Watch fudge being flipped, Gourmet Popcorn being popped, and smell the aromas of fresh caramel!

The fun doesn't stop when you go outside either! Outside there will be patio and awning space so you can enjoy a cooling Lake Superior breeze under shade.   Enjoy a game of cornhole or ladder toss alongside the warmth of a fire pit.  It is so relaxing outside you may not want to leave!

There is so much more to experience, you will just have to come and visit in person!



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